Phantasmagoria, or Let us seek Death!  

A rainy night in a Genevan castle. Debauched poetry and too much wine. A 17 year old girl writes a spooky story. 

Centuries later, the creature still ambles through our culture. Mary Shelley unleashed her creation on the world: the first modern monster; an assemblage of the recent dead. On the 200th anniversary of Mary’s creation, we return to Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus to discover whether the dead ever truly leave us.

Upcoming: Ellen Stewart Theater at La Mama, fall 2016. 


A Jungian mind-fuck free for all. 

The internet is at once a character and a dense internal landscape, where desires, dreams, memories, and imagination collide, changing the lives of three interconnected people.  It's cheap therapy for your inner child. With dick pics. 

1 W, 1 M, 1 Genderqueer person. 

Upcoming: Workshop at 3LD, fall 2016. 

Leap and the Net Will Appear 

Margie tries to be a good girl, but Margie has a secret. Margie doesn't want to be a woman. Margie wants to be a lion.

For 6-10 actors of any gender. 

"There will never be another play like this!" Wallace Shawn

Upcoming: Workshop at Playwrights Horizons, winter 2016 


"This play cuts through the barriers we erect that prevent us from living, from being authentic and loving...She is a playwright to watch." Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles 

Our energetic intentions have consequences as a religious family man is confronted by a ghost from his past. Or maybe a con man. Or a demon. Or perhaps, an angel. 2 W, 2 M. 

“Absolutely astonishing. Miraculous. Completely original and captivating.” Craig Lucas

Past Production: PS122's 9th space, spring 2011. 

First suburb 

Let us take you back to the suburbs, our suburb, the first suburb of its kind in America. It's the early '90s in a planned community. Five preteens teeter on the brink of adolescence when a violent act interrupts their insular struggles and triumphs.

2 W, 3 M. 

 Past Workshop-Production: Cloud City, Brooklyn, winter 2015. 






The Lucky Dark

Marie-Laure is living fully. Lucas is problem solving. Edith's work is her life (and life is her art.) Marvin is being present. Patrice is hiding in plain sight. And Francesca is lying. Two couples expand what it means to be in relation to each other. A dark comedy about sex, death, commitment, and monogamy. 2 W, 1 M (with intentional double casting.)


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